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Attain Product-Market Fit with Customized GTM Consulting

Elevate your SaaS startup's performance with the Go-to-Market (GTM) consulting service. Get a custom-tailored strategy designed to identify your ideal customers, optimize pricing, and craft targeted marketing and sales plans. 

gtm consulting for saas startups

When SaaS Businesses Need GTM Strategy

While execution is the key, careful strategic planning is the foundation of your lasting success. 


Launch new SaaS product

Introduce your new product to the right audience through the right channels with messaging that resonates.


Find Product-market fit

Customize your SaaS offering to resonate with the audience and market that need it most, optimizing results and accelerating business growth.


Enter new markets

Seamlessly expand into new markets, capturing previously untapped customer segments for growth.


Improve ROI / Scale

Enhance operational and marketing efficiency to maximize your return on investment and profitability.

What Does the Go-to-Martek Strategy Include? 

This isn't just another unused (BS) presentation. It's your essential document for data-driven business decisions, backed by customer research and functional frameworks.

Market Research and Segmentation

Understand your market, competition, and ideal customer

Product and Offering 

Clearly define how your product stands out and the value it offers your ideal customer

Messaging and Positioning

Craft product narrative and  communication that resonates with your audience 

KPIs Planning and Analysis

Set performance benchmarks (north star metrics) and strategically analyze results

Marketing Strategy

Plan marketing channels and major marketing tactics effectively

Sales Strategy

Define tactics to achieve revenue goals using sales channels

Customer Engagement Strategy

Cultivate activation, retention, and lasting user relationships


    Determine how aligning your pricing with your offering can help you achieve revenue goals

How it works - Process

Step 1.

Initial Survey: Gather key information, audit current state

Step 2.

Team Briefings: Collaborate to define goals

Step 3.

Development Phase: Create a tailored plan and recommendations

Step 4.

1st Draft Presentation: Share initial proposal – dedicated meeting 

Step 5.

Feedback & Finalization: Revise and prepare the document

Ivan Levchenko, iGMS

Inna is one of the most talented managers I have worked with. She has strong leadership and communication skills as well as helicopter view to make the right business decisions.
Inna possesses the rare ability to see the bigger picture while also understanding the nuances. Her strategic insights have helped us to put together our go-to-market strategy and consistently guided our decisions.

Your Questions Answered

What is the GTM strategy?

Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy is a roadmap designed to maximize the effectiveness of introducing your product to the market. Its influence extends to the initial product reception, sales, and the sustained success of the product long after its launch.

What is GTM consulting, and how can it benefit my business?
GTM consulting, or Go-to-Market consulting, is a strategic approach that helps businesses optimize their product launch and market entry, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Is GTM consulting suitable for SaaS startups looking to improve ROI?
Yes, GTM consulting is highly effective for SaaS startups, as it helps optimize pricing, marketing, and sales strategies, ultimately improving ROI.

What will I receive from the GTM consulting service?

First and foremost, you'll receive a growth roadmap for your SaaS to help you achieve your revenue goals. Now, talking about the format, you'll receive a comprehensive Figma document organized into dedicated sections, each corresponding to a specific aspect of the GTM strategy. 

Let's work together and get you a working action plan to reach your business goals!

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