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Fractional CMO Services for SaaS Startups

SaaS startups often neglect marketing and hold back their growth. Don't get left behind! Get your marketing right with an experienced marketer at a fraction of the cost.

Fractiona CMO services

Fractional CMO Services

How I Can Help as a Fractional CMO:

  • Develop positioning and messaging

  • Research and define your ideal customer profile and buyer persona

  • Lead the marketing team

  • Audit current efforts and streamline

  • Develop and execute go-to-market strategy

  • Create growth strategies and tactics

  • Optimize marketing channels

  • Build marketing and sales automation infrastructure

  • Content and thought leadership strategy

  • Hire and onboard new team members

  • Improve website and landing pages

  • And more...

Why Should SaaS Startups Hire a Fractional CMO?

Effective marketing strategies and tactics are crucial to scale your startup and put your product in front of customers. If you run a startup and need senior marketing expertise without the full cost, a fractional CMO services may be ideal.

Get strategic marketing guidance without the cost of a full-time CMO

Most startups can't afford a full-time CMO in early stages. A fractional CMO can boost marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Build your marketing team from scratch

A fractional CMO can fill an interim need while you search for a full-time CMO, or launch your team and then step back.

Supercharge your current marketing team with specialized skills

A fractional CMO provides expertise your team may lack, like demand generation, positioning, and growth.

Get an objective outside perspective

A fractional CMO brings experience from other companies that can provide fresh ideas and evaluation.

Work with me to unlock untapped growth potential and elevate your SaaS game!

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Why Hire Me as a Fractional CMO? 

I've been a SaaS fanatic for 8 years now, and I've picked up quite a few tricks to help them grow.

I have expertise in marketing, sales, and customer experience, and I've had the opportunity to serve as the CEO of a SaaS startup myself. I've charted my path from assisting SaaS companies in going from zero to hero, and now, I'm here, eager to extend my help and share my knowledge.

Apart from marketing, I bring experience in sales and customer experience to the table. Having worn the CEO hat myself, I understand how to make all these components work harmoniously. 

Driving SaaS Growth: Noteworthy Results

X2 MRR in 6 months

by introducing & executing new GTM and pricing strategy

X20 Organic traffic in 18 months

by launching effective content marketing strategy

From 0 to 2M ARR in <2 years

by building marketing, sales and CX functions from scratch

Hired 25+ professionals

of sales, CX and marketing  for different startups 

15-35% increase in conversion

by crafting website pages that encourage your audience to act

Ivan Levchenko, iGMS

Inna is one of the most talented managers I have worked with. She has strong leadership and communication skills as well as helicopter view to make the right business decisions.
Inna possesses the rare ability to see the bigger picture while also understanding the nuances. Her strategic insights have helped us to put together our go-to-market strategy and consistently guided our decisions.

Your Questions Answered

What is a fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a marketing executive who works for your company on a part-time or project basis. They provide strategic marketing guidance and expertise without the cost of hiring a full-time CMO.

What marketing skills can a fractional CMO provide?

A fractional CMO can assist with positioning, messaging, ideal customer profiling, team leadership, go-to-market strategy, tactical execution, website optimization, content strategy, hiring, and many other marketing capabilities.

When should I hire a fractional CMO?

Consider hiring a fractional CMO if you need senior marketing expertise but can't afford a full-time CMO salary and benefits yet. They are ideal for startups in early stages that need a boost.

How does a fractional CMO differ from a marketing consultant?

A fractional CMO provides ongoing strategic guidance and leadership, while a consultant may provide a one-time project or analysis. A fractional CMO becomes an extension of your team.

What are the benefits of a fractional vs full-time CMO?

A fractional CMO costs less than a full-time CMO, provides flexibility, and brings an objective outside perspective. A full-time CMO may be better once your needs exceed part-time.

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