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GTM and Marketing Consulting for SaaS Startups

Get a clear action plan on how to generate more leads, close more deals, and scale your business to the next level.

Work with Me

My goal is to amplify your SaaS growth via strategic consulting, marketing expertise, and proven frameworks for lasting success. Let's find the right solution for your business. 

Auditing and revamping / building a centralized guiding strategy that includes messaging,  positioning and how to get you to business results you crave.  

Ongoing cooperation on a part-time basis starting from building your marketing strategy, roadmap and overseeing the execution + growth consulting.  

 Marketing Consultations 

One time or regular hourly consultations to help you address your specific marketing or growth questions and unblock your business growth. 

Website Messaging 

Aligning your website's structure and messaging with your value proposition. Includes wireframes and pre-written website copy.

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Hey, it's Inna, and it's time to say 'Hi'! I've been a SaaS fanatic for 8 years now, and I've picked up quite a few tricks to help them grow.

I have expertise in marketing, sales, and customer experience, and I've had the opportunity to serve as the CEO of a SaaS startup myself. I've charted my path from assisting SaaS companies in going from zero to hero, and now, I'm here, eager to extend my help and share my knowledge.

Why work with me?

That's a great question.

Most marketing advisors out there tend to focus on a specific niche within marketing or just marketing in general. I, on the other hand, bring experience in sales and customer experience to the table. Having worn the CEO hat myself, I understand how to make all these components work harmoniously. I don't mean to boast, but I've got a few shortcuts up my sleeve, and a proven track record to boot.

Driving SaaS Growth: Noteworthy Results

X2 MRR in 6 months

by introducing & executing new GTM and pricing strategy

X20 Organic traffic in 18 months

by launching effective content marketing strategy

From 0 to 2M ARR in <2 years

by building marketing, sales and CX functions from scratch

Hired 25+ professionals

of sales, CX and marketing  for different startups 

15-35% increase in conversion

by crafting website pages that encourage your audience to act

What other SaaS companies say

At iGMS Inna was one of the key employees that helped our business thrive by implementing the right strategies in sales and marketing. She has strong leadership and communication skills as well as a helicopter view to make the right business decisions.

Ivan Levchenko, CEO @iGMS

Inna is really great at working with SaaS products. She possesses the rare ability to see the bigger picture while also understanding the nuances. Her strategic insights have helped us to put together our go-to-market strategy and consistently guided our decisions.

Valentyn Minaev,

ex-COO @ Smarter Contact

Inna conducted a consultation that left our team highly satisfied.

She is a true expert in her field and an outstanding lecturer! Her responses to our questions were not only thorough but also focused, without veering off into unrelated topics.

Igor Den,

Founder @ M1-project

Trusted by

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